Ask A Boss: Character Art and Production


LawBreakers has settled in nicely into our new home on STEAM.  We’ve got a fridge stocked with beer, adorned with a “No BS” magnet of course, and a freezer overrunning with cream.  You don’t have to worry about getting us a housewarming gift.  Just go ahead and be sure to add LawBreakers to your STEAM Wishlist…oh and be sure to wipe your feet. Now that you are closer to defying gravity and have entered the Kingdom of Pew Pew with clean shoes, let’s talk about our latest episodes of Ask A Boss!

While Animation won the tiebreaker Mortal Kombat battle the week before, Character Art came away with a pretty decisive victory and 40% of the community’s vote the following week.  Our Sr. Character Artist, Chris Wells, took his victory lap and sat down with Rohan to answer your questions about how we transfer our characters from paper to pixels and certain techniques our art team is using on Lawbreakers to bring our cast of slayers into their digital existence.  Check it out!


Episode 7 features the D00mbring3r himself, Chris Mielke. Cue the Dun, Dun, DUNNN!  This was an inside joke from a while back.  You can get in the know with one of our older studio vids.  Being a video game producer seems to be somewhat of an enigma to most.  On paper, it seems…well…kind of boring, but without our Senior Producer the team, and any dev team for that matter, would be less organized, motivated, harmonized–the list goes on.  Find out more on what video game production is all about.



There you have it! You’re all caught up.  Be sure to follow LawBreakers on Twitter  so you can vote in our upcoming polls and choose who you would like to see in the Boss seat.  We’re also doing some giveaways and will be rocking events soon, so it’s definitely worth a follow.  Am I a little biased on this whole following situation?  Well, yeah maybe a little, but who doesn’t want to win stuff and see awesome Gifs?!  Well, you know what? Your pet doesn’t count, so get that answer outta here!


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