Ask A Boss: Game Design and Animation


We are continuing to bridge the gap between the community and our Boss Key developers with our Ask A Boss series.  The response to our weekly Twitter polls not only give the power to the people to decide the direction of the next episode, but has been really exciting for the studio to see all of your feedback.  Plus, the opportunity for our devs to gloat and celebrate their triumph for the week has been quite a joy.  Maybe we can capture a victory dance and share it one day, but until then I will share our latest episodes to get you caught up to speed.

Episode four featured the studio’s die hard Roma fan and Lead Designer, Dan Nanni.  Find out things such as his stance on progression systems within FPS titles and some common misconceptions about game design.

Now let’s get this thing moving…kicking and shooting!  Episode five is all about FPS animation.  Lead Animator, Ryan Palser, plunges into specifics about how he brings video game characters to life. How does Boss Key animate first person versus third person perspectives? What’s the best way to make animations look believable? Check out what Ryan has to say.

Be sure to follow LawBreakers on Twitter  so you can help decide which department will be in the spotlight next and lob your questions to our developers.  Also if you have any suggestions of who should be featured in our weekly polls, please feel free to leave your input.  Until then, we hope you look forward to seeing our upcoming episodes!  Additionally exciting news is waiting to step out from the shadows, so be sure to follow to be wrapped in the hype…like a Snuggie of awesomeness that has a secret pocket to keep all of your cookies.  Well, I am going to sign off before this gets any weirder.
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