Battle Medic Role Analysis


The implementation of a “support” role has always been a hot topic here at the studio.  While the outcome is now obvious, the team wanted to make sure Feng and Tokki stood out from the normal restraints when players choose to lend a healing hand.  A question you’ll hear ourselves ask a lot around here was thrown onto the table of discussion, “How do we make it our own?”  Here is Senior Animator and Designer, Zach Lowery, to give you more insight on the journey of the Battle Medic:


The concept for this class existed waaaayyyy back in the early stages of LawBreakers development; back when the original Titan, Assassin, and Enforcer were really coming online. The problem wasn’t the idea for the role, or the Lobber grenade launcher, or anything like that.The issue with the class was the bigger question, “Do we want support and healing in LawBreakers?” This was a question that took the team a while to come full circle on and realize that for the health of the game, this type of gameplay was very strong, and support was definitely something we wanted to move forward with. However, our take on it was, this role needs to have all the tools to hold their own in combat and not just chase friendlies with a healing noodle. Battle Medic is our “Supportive Combat” role — they kill and heal, but they heal a little more than they kill.












Yep, lend support but hold your own — the essential elements we wanted to make sure were present when designing the Battle Medic. Now what about some background on the role’s kit and the characters themselves?  We got you fam! Check out the most recent Role Analysis on the Battle Medic:



To help you put the Battle Medic’s kit to use, we’ve enlisted Sound Designer, Jack Menhorn to give you a few tips:

Too Hot to Handle: Keep an eye on your Firefly pistol energy gauge. You cannot manually reload so be careful you don’t overheat.

Bounce ‘Em: Alt-Fire Lobber grenades are great for locking down a hallway or harassing an objective point.

I Got You: Sending out healing drones reduces the cooldown of your Key Ability so use them often.


    If you want to go more in-depth on just what the Battle Medic can do, you can hear it straight from the designer himself as Zach Lowery lays down some tips and tricks in the Developer Tutorial.  We can’t wait to see those Battle Medic skills shine on release on August 8.  Oh you want to play before then?  Hey, we’re down!  Our Open Beta will be live from July 28 – July 31. Check out the official LawBreakers site for more details on times and contests.


Britt over and out.