More Bosses, More Often


Giving you a direct line to our developers in order to learn not only our practices for LawBreakers, but provide even more industry insight as to what goes on behind the development of a first-person shooter is what our new series, Ask a Boss, is all about. After our first episode, we decided to raise the bar of community involvement a little more.  Originally we had planned for new episodes to release every other week, but now they will be hitting the waves of YouTube every week we don’t have a Dev Diary reveal.  That’s right my fellow gamer.  You will have something to watch on the LawBreakers channel EVERY WEEK!  You’re OK with that, right?  But wait, Bob, tell them what else they’ve won.  Every Monday you will be able to choose which department will be featured on that week’s episode by participating in our weekly Twitter poll.  I will wait as you ready your He-Man swords and shout, “I have the power!”

Scott Wide Shot

Two more episodes of Ask a Boss have made their way to the small screen.  In episode two, we talk to our QA Lead, Aaron Jones, who sheds even more light on why our QA team is so important here at the studio.  What has been the funniest glitch during LawBreakers playtests?  How detailed and vigilant do you have to be as a QA tester?  Check out Aaron’s episode to find out.


Now let’s fast travel to episode 3 and the land of Map Design.  Our characters not only need a stage to play out their battles, but they need an arena that compliments their abilities.  How do we accomplish this?  Unlock this answer and more by watching this episode featuring our Lead Level Designer, Scott Jordan.


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