A Cut Above


Now, ‘FPS’ in Project BlueStreak can also stand for first-person stabber. Guns are a big focus for the game (obviously), however — we’re excited to reveal that we’re integrating our own spin on melee combat in the game. Earlier, we revealed the Taser Machetes in Episode 15 of The Boss Room, here we’re going to take a closer look and discover which fictional company in our game actually manufacturers these bad boys.

Take a look – there’s a lot of design that went into creating the Taser Machetes. From the New Wellington inscription, to the pattern, and everything in-between…

Here at Boss Key, our artists craft weapons based off of fictional weapon manufacturers in our game’s world. The Taser Machetes are a product of New Wellington, a company known for creating blades that offer an elegant allure with high-tech functionality. New Wellington, along with the other weapon manufacturers in the game, help define the strong, recognizable design for each weapon. Each New Wellington weapon, regardless of type (gun, melee, etc) will share similar characteristics. Basically, when you see a New Wellington weapon, you’ll know it. That goes for all the other brands as well…and there are a lot of them!

One of our game’s weapon brands. The Taser Machete adheres to the New Wellington school of design.

In the special alternate view below, you’ll can get a look at all the detail crafted into every aspect of the weapon. These images are from the actual in-game models! See that red button near the top of the blade’s handle? Yeah – that actually does something. What does it do? Well, we can’t reveal that just yet.

An alternate view of the Taser Machetes. What else can you find?

The initial concepts of the Taser Machetes went through a bunch of iterations, landing on the right side of the image below. The blades to the left? Well, those are something completely different…

Concepts for two different melee weapons in Project BlueStreak. The Taser Machetes on the right are near final. The ‘Splitter’ on the left, well – we don’t have anything to say about that quite yet.

As Matt Fischman mentioned during the stream, it’s not easy to implement a first-person melee weapon in a gun-focused game, but we’re doing it. It’s a challenge but we’re aiming to have viable, first-person melee combat completely balanced in a gun-focused game that’s fun, fast and deadly.

To see the archive video of the Boss Room Episode 15, check out the embed below: