Dawn of the “Deadzo”


Who knew being dead in LawBreakers could look so good?  In last month’s Loot Gaming crate, some of you may have discovered the latest LawBreakers collectible–the Deadzo snapback.  Yes, it’s true. Even the death of players has a name in our game.















How exactly did this unapologetic death icon come to be?  Today we will be taking you straight to the source! Hear from a couple of our developers about how the Deadzo came to life.

First, let’s talk to the Deadzo’s creator, our Lead UI Ninja, David Rose.

  • Tell us a little of the story on how you were approached to create this new death icon.

David: We needed a death/respawn screen. Initially, I was thinking of doing the standard skull icon. Around version #3 of the icon’s creation, I decided it would be funny to try a simple frowny face with “X” eyes.

Evolution of the LawBreakers' death screens.
Evolution of the LawBreakers’ death screens.


























  • How many iterations of the icon did you have to go through before you reached the final image?

David: The actual icon itself, had very few iterations. It all came about rather quickly.

The initial whiteboard beginnings of the "Deadzo."
The initial whiteboard beginnings of the “Deadzo.”
















  • What was the inspiration behind art of the Deadzo?

David: I’m not sure where exactly the inspiration came from. But I did have a “Have a nice day” t-shirt with a bullet hole in it when I was a kid, and I was a big Nirvana fan in college so maybe that all seeped into my sub-conscious.

  • How does it feel to see something you created for the game actually become a tangible item that fans can wear?

David: It feels like bacon candy!

Now, let’s gather ‘round the Boss Key bonfire to hear a fun story from our Studio Communications Manager, Rohan Rivas.

  • Deadzo looks cool and all, but how did he get his name?

Rohan: This is a funny story actually, because at the time we were working with Loot Crate on the original piece, the face didn’t have a name. Our Art Director Tramell Isaac mentioned the “Dead Face” looked cool and would fit well on merchandise and Loot Crate agreed — so we went forward with designing the hat.

However, it came time to trademark “Dead Face”, and it needed to have an official name for paperwork reasons when the hat went into production. Everyone was super busy and kind of drawing a blank while the trademark needed to be pushed forward. Days passed and still no name.

Little background here: at the office, we have the propensity (okay, like…three of us do) to just add a “zo” to the end of words in casual conversation. Ie:

“Ah, yeah – see that? Yup, that ice cream is melted and is totally donezo.”

“Last night’s game was crayzo.”

“You’re deadzo dude.”


On an email locking down the trademark with our Sr. Producer Chris Mielke, I just said, “Name the face Deadzo. There. Done.”

And like that, “Deadzo” was officially (and legally I guess) born.

Not sure I’ve ever had bacon candy, but I am strangely compelled to try it now thanks to David. A big high five goes to all of you who sent photos and videos of you repping your new LawBreakers swag!  It gives all of us at Boss Key those feel-good tingles when we see any of our apparel in the wild.  If you have suggestions of any LawBreakers or Boss Key items you would like to see in the future, be sure to share it with us on our social channels. We’ll have more updates for you guys in the future. Stay awesome, LawBreakers!

Britt over and out