Exclusive Development Access


Showing the behind-the-scenes development process with our community is very important to us.  We thrive on your interactions and feedback each and every week. Now it’s our turn to show you what we have been up to. We are pulling back the curtain to give you a special look at the development of LawBreakers. Each month on our live Boss Room stream we will premiere a new Dev Diary that includes detailed insight from our developers and never-before-seen footage that documents the progression of LawBreakers.

Let’s talk about the Dev Diaries we have revealed so far…

Dev Diary #1: Map Design Process

“It was a great first test to see how we were going to make the entire game.” –Scott Jordan, Lead Level Designer

Grandview is a battleground that serves as the nucleus of our map design. This was actually the first project given to our level designers and environment artists to develop when the studio began.  Grandview allowed the team to get a feel for each other’s style, and they worked together to push the limits of expectation and bring the environment to life.

This once shattered remainder of the Grand Canyon, that now serves as a Shura base, was conceptually depicted to reflect the fiction of this faction of assassins. While the design may look easy on paper, each structure of the environment was strategically placed to promote an artistically rich landscape that works in harmony not only with the map’s fun-flowing design, but with our characters and their abilities, as well.

In our first Dev Diary below, you will hear from our Lead Level Designer, Scott Jordan, who walks us through the graybox beginnings and initial playtesting arenas of LawBreakers’ level design. Plus how our Sr. Environment Artists, Eric Klokstad and Josh Rife, balanced Grandview’s scenery to be beautiful, yet still maintain the map’s structure for gameplay.

Dev Diary #2: Character Design and Prototyping

“One of the things we put a lot of value on is delighting players with things that they’ve never seen before and doing gameplay that you don’t see in other games.” –Matt Fischman, Sr. Gameplay Programmer

Characters are conceptualized by the design team and then handed over the art department, right? While this may be true for other studios, our latest Dev Diary revealed that here at Boss Key, we are all about finding the fun first. That means our character concepts go straight from the design team to our programmers to first emerge on the screen as a playable prototype.

Maverick, our skirmisher in the sky, was the original character to define this paper to prototype process. When the design process started, we knew we needed a role that was dynamic and in-your-face.  After the initial ideas for our jet-propelled Valkyrie were solidified, the blueprint bullet points for her composition were handed off to our gameplay programmers to define her unique abilities and playstyle.  Hours of rigorous playtesting and methodical modifications have led us to the Maverick you see today.

Take a look at our second Dev Diary that details these character design and prototyping practices. Accompanied by concept art and early prototype footage, our Lead Designer, Dan Nanni, and Sr. Gameplay Programmer, Matt Fischman, take you through the journey of finding the fun through the genesis of Maverick.