Your Feedback in Action


   Listening to our players to make the game better. We are not just putting that remark out into the webosphere and then just letting your feedback go in one ear and out the other as we scoff at your forum posts while sipping our coffee with our pinkies out. Don’t get me wrong. We are a classy bunch, who do enjoy our coffee. The studio is REALLY listening to what you have to say, and we hope you felt that in our most recent test.

Before we get ahead of ourselves here, let’s take a step back. How exactly do we translate your feedback about LawBreakers?  What steps do we take to implement this feedback into the game? How can I eat cookies and still maintain my figure?  Two of these questions are answered in our latest Dev Diary where our Lead Designer, Dan Nanni, and Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, walk you through exactly how things go from text to test.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into some of the updates we have made to the LawBreakers Alpha tests based on feedback.  The studio has started a new video series called “LawBreakers Game Update”, in which our developers will give you a closer look at the new changes in action.  In “LawBreakers Game Update .04”, our Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, gets his hands on the keys to walk you through our new map Promenade, show off our new ability cooldown times, demonstrate a new mechanic called the Skip Jump and more.

We will be continuing to update things in LawBreakers based on what our players (that’s YOU) have to say. Some features will take more time than others to implement, but know our ears are open and our fingers are typing out your feedback actively. We believe that growing our game with the community will help solidify the fun and longevity of the game.  Not only are we taking feedback through the forums, but we’re also listening on our social channels, and a lot of us are even jumping in streams so that we can talk to our players in a live environment. There’s nothing like seeing players discover things for the first time or pulling off a montage-worthy play. Plus, it gives us a great chance to get to know you guys a bit better.

Be sure to sub to our YouTube channel to learn more about any future updates, and keep giving us your feedback!  We have a big section on our forums dedicated to feedback and suggestions, so feel free to hop over there and join the conversation with fellow players.  Let’s kick butt and make games together!

Britt over and out…