As the team waves their goodbyes and walks off the stage of GDC, relieved sighs that silently say, “We did it”, and plans for a celebratory beer are exchanged backstage.  This was a big moment for us, but was just one of many to come.  In case you weren’t at this year’s event or following along our live LawBreakers tweets, here are the highlights of our GDC 2016 session Surrounded by 800lb Gorillas! Standing Up to the Competition.

When it comes to the development process of LawBreakers, standing up also means standing out.   Nailing the introduction and mechanics of unique gameplay has always been the studio’s focus from the beginning.  Being able to give our community an experience they can’t get anywhere else is and always will be a high priority.  Not only are we focused on unmatched gameplay, but we want our characters to be a major piece of the pixel puzzle, as well.

As our game began to evolve throughout 2015, so did our game’s identity.  We were discovering what pillars represented LawBreakers and how to translate those pillars into the game.  This year of evolution and self-discovery led to a few things:

  •   A R-rated experience: We are putting the cartoon characters to bed. The adults are here to cause violence and chaos.  We don’t want to make a game that will be lumped in with the cartoon style from our competitors. LawBreakers is a bloodsport.
  • Fine-tuning our art style: The practicality of our characters and their weaponry have been adjusted to create a more realistic experience.

As you can see, Maverick left the Aviators and scarf at home.


Our weapons have been scaled down



And the color palette of our maps has been altered along with the addition of more functional materials.



  • Hey! Our logo also got some new digs



Those are just some examples of what has happened over the past year.  So what’s next?  We are happy to announce that LawBreakers will launch exclusively on STEAM!  We have the STEAM Wishlist page up right now.  You can click here to add LawBreakers to your Wishlist. The LawBreakers forums will also have a new home on STEAM.  Click here  to go mingle with fellow community members and developers from the studio!

There have been many questions from the community regarding if the game will still be free-to-play.  Finally, we are able to answer that for you.  LawBreakers will be a paid access game.  We listened to feedback online about the community’s concerns with F2P, from pay-to-win mechanics, rampart cheating and more…and we’re not going to do that. The best solution is to not have any F2P mechanics whatsoever.  As far as cost, we will announce more on the price point in the near future.

There you have it!  You may have some questions about the changes we have introduced, so feel free to check out our FAQ to get some answers. There is more exciting news on the horizon, so be sure to stay connected to stay informed!


Britt over and out…