Between Our Guns Trailer Reveal


We’ve done it again!  During PAX East we revealed a brand new gameplay trailer titled “Between Our Guns.”  You’re not in a cuddly, heart-warming world anymore, gamers.  This is a battle driven, ballbusting, colosseum of carnage! Imagine I said that in a Macho Man voice; it’s much better.

In our new trailer, narrated by the one and only Ice T, not only are you able to see the changes we have discussed previously put into action, but there are a few things that will answer those questions we have been getting via social and our STEAM forums:

  • Will there be more characters? If you remember, last year at PAX Prime 2015 there were only four characters revealed–two on the LAW and two on the BREAKERS.  Now you will see their menacing mirrors. Oh, and for those that played at PAX East, did you notice a lock on the character screen? I wonder what that’s for…hmmm…















  • What are you doing to make this game stand out from the competition?  From the time the match begins to the final kill, LawBreakers is meant to be a non-stop, adrenaline-pumping experience.  Just to drop a bit of my own experience, from the time the warm-up ends and the match timer counts down to begin, you will see players lean forward and use their individual ticks to prepare for action–quickly hitting keys, a leg quickly bouncing up and down or flexing their fingers.  It’s sort of like when professional drivers are about to start a race.  They rev their engines and tightly grip the steering wheel because they know the madness and competition that is about to ensue.  Then the match begins.  Using the tools of verticality, character abilities and motivation to clutch for your team brings out those spectacular montage-worthy moments that keep our players coming back for more.  Our gameplay is meant to affect lives and sleep schedules. Take a look at Exhibit A. The video below highlights some of the top moments from PAX East. There were A LOT of crazy moments, but this is all we could fit in this short vid:

When we said LawBreakers will be more mature, we meant it!  We aren’t afraid to throw around F-bombs and show just how dangerous and satisfying gameplay can be with gibbing and blood splatter.  I don’t know about you, but just seeing enemies fall over isn’t enough.  I want to see them completely obliterated!

  • Where’s the friggin’ gameplay?!  The footage taken in this trailer was actually REAL gameplay footage.  We also quenched some thirst by accompanying this with gameplay highlights from PAX East on the LawBreakers Twitter and two other “Kills of the Day” videos to our YouTube, if you want to check those out.
  • Will there be an Alpha? How do I get in?  Yes finally, my sweet moths of mayhem, you are able to sign up for the LawBreakers Alpha playtest over at  We can’t reveal the date of the Alpha just yet, but stay locked to our social and I assure you that you won’t be able to miss it!

Who else is super excited?!  The Boss Key team can’t wait to get this in the homes of gamers and play alongside our community!  Good luck to those registering for the Alpha, and be sure to join the  hype over on the LawBreakers STEAM forums where you can Wishlist the game and talk with fellow community members!


Britt over and out!