Gunslinger Role Analysis


 Expert timing, precision and a crafty approach are just a few traits that describe an effective Gunslinger. “Wait a second. This guy has two pistols, but he’s considered a sniper?”  Yep!  We like to shake things up here at Boss Key; keep you on your toes.  But how did we get from “we want something with precision” to a dual-wielding demon (or angel if you are a fan of Abaddon)?  Our Sr. Animator and Designer, Zach Lowery, is here to give you a little insight on the inception and progression of the Gunslinger.

 Gunslinger had a pretty interesting journey to get where he is today. Originally we were exploring a sniper- style character that was all about precision shooting. As we moved forward we started to agree that someone with that type of range in our game was creating a lot of frustrations, but not in a good way. The team felt that precision shooting was still something that we wanted to build a role around, so we began to explore different ways to achieve this. I pitched a fantasy experience to Matt Fischman, where I was a character who moved around and attacked enemies like a Boxer in a ring, thus the term “Boxer Style” was born. The Gunslinger moves in quick burst to dodge attacks and set up his counters. His Alpha is like a jab, setting up his opponent for dropping the hammer on them with the Omega, the knockout punch. Players should get the feeling of comboing their enemy and using his weapons in effective cadences for the best results.
















 So now we’ve got our foundation for the Gunslinger role. What about the characters behind the weapons? Wait, what are their weapons?  Take a look at our newest Role Analysis featuring our Gunslingers, Faust and Abaddon.



 Ohhhhh, Abaddon. So mysterious. Now let’s move on to learn some tips for you to put into action on the battlefield.  Our Full Stack Developer, Kyle Evans, lends his top three tips for aspiring Gunslingers:  


Separation is Power: Support from a distance, and never overextend.

The Dual: Learn to manage your reload. for sustained DPS. Fire one weapon, hit reload and while one gun is reloading you should be firing the other.  

On Your Radar: Use the Tac-Knife to get the jump on an unsuspecting foe. Throw your knife half a second before you are about to engage an enemy currently out of your line of sight. Just before you start your assault, begin charging the Omega. Then shoot them in their fuckin’ dome.


 If you want to take a deeper dive into learning more about the Gunslinger, be sure to watch our Developer Tutorial.  Our Sr. Gameplay Programmer, Matt Fischman, lends some great info and tips.  Also be sure to follow us on social and visit the official site to get all the info you need on the latest and greatest of LawBreakers.  We can’t wait for you all to play on release on August 8!  It’s so close!  


Britt over and out.