Introducing Ask A Boss


We have peeled back the curtain to give you a glimpse at the methodical and well oiled inner-workings here at the studio with our Dev Diary series.  Seeing the generous response, receiving digital high-fives and heightened curiosity from the community let us know that you were very interested in what we are doing. So we decided to take our behind-the-scenes access to another level and dive even deeper into our development processes. Follow the white rabbit to our new series Ask A Boss.



Every other week we are giving YOU an open line straight to our developers.  We are inviting you (via social) to ask various departments and veterans of the gaming industry questions that allow you to learn more about Lawbreakers development, career advice, tidbits about the devs as gamers, or just ask something whacky and off-the-cuff.

In our first installment of Ask A Boss, Rohan sits down with our Sr. Gameplay Programmer, Matt Fischman.  What exactly does a typical day for a GPP consist of at Boss Key?  What does it take to break into the industry as a gameplay programmer?  Find out these answers and more in this episode.