LawBreakers Alpha Announced!


 Soon–an answer you have all been hearing a lot of when asking about seeing gameplay or being able to play LawBreakers.  Last week we treated your faces to hours of live gameplay through our Prepare for Alpha: Streaming Event. We think it’s time for a treat even more sweet.  Soon is about to become Now. It’s morphin’ time!  No sorry, you won’t get a color coated jumpsuit that to your dismay seems to ride up every five paces.  It’s time to get your hands on LawBreakers in our Closed Public Alpha!

What exactly is an Alpha?  Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of it all, check out the latest Dev Diary that dives into what exactly the Alpha process will mean for Boss Key and LawBreakers.



As our CEO, Cliff Bleszinski, revealed on yesterday’s PC Gaming Show we will start sending out the first round of Closed Public Alpha invites to those who signed up starting this Thursday!  Those emailed to participate will be able to pre-load the game so you can jump straight into the action on Saturday, June 18 starting at 9AM/PST!  You’ll be playing our Overcharge mode on the map Grandview, which I am sure you have seen in a lot of our video content.  As we progress throughout the Alpha process, we’ll be adding more players, our newly revealed map Promenade and a mode we’re really excited for you to get your hands on–Turf War.



Cliff also revealed that LawBreakers will be hitting Early Access on STEAM later in the year. What?! Yes, it’s true my sweet burrito smothered in awesomeness.  To help process all these announcements this week here’s an image of the Alpha Road Map shared during the PC Gaming Show:












Throughout this week you will also be greeted with video content to help prep you for the fight!  This will include things like quick weapon, character and mode tutorials along with tips from our devs.  Who better to provide a tutorial than someone who knows all the ins and outs of the game, am I right?!  You will be able to soak up all of our new content on the LawBreakers YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to get a leg up on the competition!

You can still sign up for the Alpha if you haven’t had the chance and want to break gravity into submission over at  Also note that YES, you will be able to stream the game and create gameplay content on your own channel.  We are really looking forward to seeing some amazing moments.  We know you may have some more questions about the Alpha, so be sure to head to our FAQ on the forums to learn more.

We know from the daily interactions on our social channels and the forums that you can’t wait to play LawBreakers.  Believe me when I say that the devs at the studio are just as eager and excited as you are.  We’re quickly approaching this milestone–this HUGE milestone–and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback to grow this game alongside our community.  It’s hard to believe that what once started as frantically inspired sketches has now turned into something we love to play and improve everyday.  We know with your help it will become even better.

On behalf of myself and Boss Key Productions, we look forward to meeting you at the starting line!


Britt over and out…