LawBreakers Bleed Purple Pack


    Ready to bleed purple in LawBreakers?  That’s right!  As you can probably tell from the title already, LawBreakers and Twitch Prime have teamed up to bring players exclusive items that scream “I’m down with Twitch.”

   Here at the studio we love watching players experience games on Twitch, whether it’s those moments of facepalms after losing a hard fought battle, discovering a hidden Easter Egg or finally triumphing over a boss that they’ve been trying to kill for over two hours.  A lot of us have Twitch open while we work, especially when LawBreakers is being played.  We wanted to find a way to show content creators and their communities that we appreciate their passion for video games and for LawBreakers.  So our artists collaborated with Twitch Prime to bring players some really cool items they can rock and represent in the game.  Here’s Rohan to tell you a little more in this fancy video:




   Oh, you want to hear from Cliff’s perspective too? Head over to Twitch’s blog to hear from the Big Boss himself:

So yeah to sum it all up, Prime members will receive these killer exclusive items that they won’t be able to get anywhere else:

  • Abaddon “Bleed Purple” unique character skin
  • 3 “Bleed Purple” Weapon Skins for the Lobber, Firefly, and Arc Blades
  • 4 Weapon Stickers: FrankerZ, Kappa, PJ Salt, and Bleed Purple
  • 1 Account Kappa Portrait


     Oh, and don’t forget, we recently revealed our new Twitch integration where players can link their Twitch channels in-game.  That way when you pull off a cool move and they look at your profile, you can flex on them and say, “Yeah, I am live right now, and you best believe I clipped that shiz!”


     Thanks so much to the Twitch community!  We can’t wait to see you all play on…wait…it’s almost launch day!!  You will definitely see some of us lurking, answering questions or giving tips in the near future.  Most of all, you’ll see us internally high-fiving you for playing the game we’ve put so much time and passion into.  GG, Twitch.


 Britt over and out.