A Look Back and Things to Come


Welcome to 2016! This is it! The year that all of our hard work will be placed into the hands of gamers.  But before we officially throw away our 2015 calendar adorned with pictures of kittens and motivational quotes, let’s look back on a few of our favorite notable benchmarks at the studio over the past year.

While publicly operating under a code name may be a no-go for other studios, we were so excited to share what we had been working on that we couldn’t help ourselves.  Concept art of our first characters, weapons and environments were revealed during each episode of the Boss Room as we giddily rubbed our hands together and giggled in the anticipation of what we had planned later in the year.  Finally in August 2015, we removed the dark cloak that was Project Bluestreak to uncover our game’s true identity–LawBreakers.



Our cinematic announce trailer laid the fictional foundation of our first IP. You learned that a cataclysmic event called The Shattering led to a fractured world where the laws of gravity and order were not what they used to be.  As we expected, like any logically curious group of gamers would do, we were bombarded with, “Where’s the beef? Where’s the gameplay!?”  Just a few days later at PAX Prime, we lit the fuse with a gameplay trailer that exploded with excitement throughout the community.  We were overjoyed with the response we received from Bluestreak veterans and newcomers alike. However, that wasn’t the only surprise we had in store at PAX.



We invited players to make their own montage worthy moments and be the very first gamers (outside the studio) to play LawBreakers at an off-site venue in Seattle.  Up to this point, we were all the best at the game, maybe even pro-status, but we happily passed torch to great some great gamers along with audible “ooohhhs” and “aaahhhhs” from our devs.  There were even those “NO WAY” moments when players discovered things we never knew were possible.


We set up the event PAXStill1and thought, “Will people show up?” Seeing the line was great, but seeing everyone’s reactions to playing the game–the smiles on their faces, the cheers when their team made a play, the praise after the match and the high-fives as they left–were an experience I can’t thoroughly put into words. It will forever be one of the greatest experiences of my life. In the end, we do this to make people happy, and I feel like we accomplished that.

–Aaron Jones, QA Lead



The PAX Prime event provided a great catalyst that resulted in a few positives for us:

  1. It gave us a way to meet and interact with our community face-to-face.
  2. You all gave us great feedback about the game that we have used to tweak things like character and weapon balance.
  3. The event provided a mountain of motivation to the studio and extra reinforcement that we are creating something great and most importantly FUN.

Now back to the present. The studio is busy with its lively hustle and bustle after the holidays.  As you walk the halls, glimpses of deep group deliberation and brainstorming ensue. You can hear the markers squeak as dry erase boards are being filled feverishly with ideas, goals and agendas.  Of course, only to be sneakily dressed with a panda holding banana guns later in the day by another department.  To be fair, there is a blank space in the corner just begging for it. Anyway, we are planning and working like crazy to make LawBreakers the best game you have ever experienced.  As we speak, new characters and weapons are being playtested on brand new gametypes and environments.

I am sure you are very curious when you will be able to play the game.  Well, we can’t reveal our schedule just yet, but there will be both alpha and beta tests set into motion in a future that grows nearer with each day.  We are also hard at work behind-the-scenes organizing future events and content.  Even though, we are keeping things under wraps right now, and you are anxious for us to bring these addictive pixels to you players, I assure you it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, we will be continuing our monthly look behind-the-scenes with our Dev Diary series along with some other things we have up our sleeves.

This is the year, LawBreakers! A new dawn is just over the horizon, and soon we will bathe in the sunlight of clutch plays, multi-kills and anti-gravity! Praise the sun! Sorry, got carried away there. 2016 is a big year for us, and we can’t wait to share the journey with you.  Thanks for your support and here’s to the best year ever!