Netcode and Replication


Respect the kill and the skills.  This is the climate we want to present to all of our players during their LawBreakers experience. We have all been a part of the struggle where we hear players frustratingly yell, “HOST”, or, “LAG”, among other injections of colorful language.  Then of course if you are like me,  you’ll voice your frustrations silently with a facepalm.  That dissatisfaction of losing a battle due to something that is out of your control is an experience we don’t want our players and masters of mayhem to go through.  Skill is what should lead to your victory or defeat.

What are we doing to make sure we provide the most balanced and competitive atmosphere possible?  Our Sr. Gameplay Programmers, Nathan Wulf and Joshua Parker, are here to give you behind-the-scenes access and take you under the hood of our servers.

There you have it!  As you heard from Nathan, we are leaving the lag spikes and host advantage in the dust. Boss Key is here to bring you dedicated servers to give you balanced, fair and facepalm-less gameplay.  It is up to your skill and know-how to win battles.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in future Dev Diary features, please be sure to let us know.  Oh, and be sure to watch The Game Awards this Thursday!










Britt over and out.