Paradise Not Lost


The world of Project BlueStreak isn’t a desolate wasteland, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s beautifully recovered.

On May 8’s episode of The Boss Room (found here), Tramell revealed one of Cliff’s favorite environmental concept pieces, Alvarado Plaza. Why is it a favorite? Because it encapsulates the artistic direction of Project BlueStreak. Gone are the dilapidated buildings and empty cityscapes, as our world is comfortably lived-in for the affluent, and rigidly fought over for those absolutely intent on breaking the law.

A view of Alvarado Plaza from the ground floor, perfectly suited for first-person multiplayer mayhem.

Alvarado Plaza specifically is an exciting environment and one of the team’s favorites because it showcases the unique future we’re going to deliver. Tramell mentioned the visuals¬†of Project BlueStreak are “slightly more vibrant that real life,” and the shapes you’ll find that inspiration outlining our city architecture. Plus, it alludes to a location that’s central to the game’s fiction.

Much like many artistic buildings in some of humanity’s biggest cities, Alvarado Plaza draws on existing structures and eccentric architecture.

Beyond the statements regarding artistic design and framing our unique future, looking at Alvarado Plaza through the glass of a first-person shooter provides a glimpse at the type of combat we’re creating. Vertical play is key, as are wide-open areas to circle strafe, and possibly even a few places to tactically survey the battlefield.

With a higher shot of Alvarado Plaza, you can see how the environment was designed with attention to being a multiplayer first-person shooter.

So why would a fire fight break out in a place like this? That’s the million (or perhaps BILLION) dollar question. Soon, you’ll know the answer.

For Tramell and Cliff’s thoughts on Alvarado Plaza and more, check out the May 8’s episode of The Boss Room below: