PAX East 2016: The Feels


What an experience!  We are back from PAX East, and the studio is still buzzing with excitement!  Yes, even though we have settled back at our desks adorned with to-do lists and empty coffee cups, emails and conversations about how the gaming community embraced us at our first official event are still excitedly bouncing around.  For the team to work so hard on something they love so much and then having that overwhelming excitement mirrored from the community was thrilling.










Each day we were greeted with gamers eagerly power walking to the booth to be the first in line.  I need to take notes from some of you. You guys were quick!  Some of you waited in line for four hours to play LawBreakers! A few even jumped right back in the line that winded around our booth to play again or returned the next day for more action!



















While smiles and emotions were memorable keepsakes for our devs, who were helping coach you pixel punishers out there, something else happened that really stood out to me.  As the games came to a close, chairs were pushed back from the battlestations and the headsets were left in waiting for the next player, there were smiles.  No matter victory or defeat, there were smiles.  Not only that, but the LawBreakers’ experience was replayed through friends who left the booth to continue their PAX pilgrimage.  Many times I overheard ecstatic conversations about a certain play someone made, how they were in a sticky situation and found a way to get out of it or more importantly, how excited they were to play again.  One player even mentioned they were still shaking from the excitement of stealing the battery in our Overcharge mode at the last second to win their team the game.

To have players passionate about our game and set the stage for memorable passage is what we are really aiming for with LawBreakers.  Well, other than developing a killer FPS experience you can’t find anywhere else.  Check out this highlight video to see what our community had to say about their experience with the game:


Here are some favorite PAX EAST memories from a few of our developers:


DanDan Nanni, Lead Designer: Watching @n1njastr1ker wreck shop and chatting with his beyond-proud dad was one of the highlights of my PAX. I bonded over video games with my own father and focused my career around them, even when people told me they wouldn’t take me anywhere. Now that I’m a father myself, being able to help create moments like these for parents and their sons and daughters, and seeing how supportive they are of their interest in video games, means even more to me.


JohnJohn Long, IT Manager: The part that feelsgoodman.jpg for me was seeing people who didn’t have our game on their radar just stop and smile when the game footage caught their eye. Also the dedication of fans to wait in line for hours just to play one session and then hop right back in line.



RandallRandall Hess, Principal Technical Animator: My favorite moments with the gamers were when I showed them how to pull off the blind fire in zero-g to push them across the map and then watching do it the rest of the game as it was second-nature. Watching the gamers pull off kicks to finish their opponents when it came down to the last hit. When the matches were over, whether they won or lost, they were grinning and seemed to feel compelled to let you know how much they enjoyed the game. Recognizing familiar faces from the previous days and hearing them exclaim they will wait in line several times for the chance to play Lawbreakers as much as they can. I can’t be prouder of the work our team has done on this game and the vibe I got from the gamers at Pax will certainly fuel our drive to deliver the best  multiplayer experience possible.


Thank you to all who played the game at PAX, provided feedback and swung by our LawBreakers panel!  This experience was one we won’t forget, and we look forward to more adventures in the future!  Don’t forget you can have a chance to get some hands-on LawBreakers XP in our upcoming Alpha.  We’ll have more news on this very soon.

Britt Over and Out!


Here are some other great photos from PAX.  You can see more of these over on the Boss Key  and LawBreakers  Facebook pages.