PAX East 2017: Dev Impressions


The booth may be in pieces and our PC’s may be hibernating in their boxes from PAX East 2017, but we are still reliving moments from the event here at the studio.  We know we may say this each event, but we’re going to say it again–being able to see the game in your hands was an amazing experience.  The team here has been hard at work implementing new elements into LawBreakers, which included a lot of your feedback from the Alpha.  To be able to see these new installations come to life with you behind the wheel was very momentous for us.


Dan Dan Nanni, Lead Designer:

For us developers, it’s easy to not see how much the game has changed over time. Have we added enough content since the last time we were playable? Has the game itself improved since Alpha? It’s events like PAX and going into beta that really helps us see just how far we’ve come, and that our audience not only acknowledges, but appreciates the work we’ve put into the game. That puts it all back into perspective and makes the hard work worthwhile.














New roles, a new map and improved ingredients were all put on the table as we crossed our fingers for fireworks of reactions that told us our players were having fun, and that’s just what we got. Heck, even we were having fun watching you play. A lot of you showed amazing skill and frankly, with all pun intended, killed it!


RandallRandall Hess, Principal Technical Animator:

After playing a close match, a guy stands up and asks me if I’m a dev, I reply, “Yes.” He says, “I fucking love this game!” He couldn’t have been more excited to have waited over an hour and only having played for ten minutes. That felt great to hear.



The crowd at the panel that Friday was amazing as well! The team was really excited to be able to talk face-to-face about everything we have done. During our talk, “Action After Alpha: LawBreakers Road to Beta”, we were able to go in-depth about what changes have been made since the Alpha playtests and why (spoiler alert: a large portion of it was because of your feedback).  This included stepping up our game on health alternatives, changing cooldowns and character speeds and adding new roles.
























Speaking of feedback, there is a lot of benefit to having our game playable at events like PAX.  Of course it helps us reach a new audience that may have never heard of or played LawBreakers, but it is also very advantageous from a development standpoint.


aaronAaron Jones, QA Lead:

 For me it was great seeing various ways that new and returning players played the game. There’s only so many scenarios my team and I can imagine and test against. Being able to see players play the game, in person, helps considerably to find out what their problems are and address them first-hand. I can take that information back to my amazing test team and have them work with the new information.


rohanRohan Rivas, Studio Communications Manager:

 I believe getting the NEW CONTENT in the hands of players first is beneficial because it either validates or refutes notions we have about design. We’ve been developing in the bubble for the past 8 months, and getting insights and direct feedback at PAX East from players is crucial in identifying if we’re on the right track or not.


Being on the right track has a lot of elements that accompany it. Things like weapon balance, UI design and game modes that excite and push the action are all pieces of this “are we doing good” puzzle. However, one of the major pieces is making LawBreakers stand out from the crowd. It’s common that we get compared to those heavyweights that occupy the same “class-based multiplayer shooter” space.  There were even some players that sat down at the event and quickly scanned the weaponry of our roles, they mentioned, “Oh, this is like X and X character.” Once they got hands-on, their initial thoughts were given a swift kick to the nuts as unique, (cue Macho Man voice) heart pumping, in-your-face, chaotically fun gameplay was discovered with the role they had chosen. Oh YEAHHHH!














(Clears throat)  To those PAX East players that returned for a second year or to those that are new to our gravity defying combat, we thank you for standing in that crazy line at the booth to play LawBreakers. Community is always at the core of our development process, and we will continue to connect and create with your input.  The team looks forward to bringing the game to your homes–where you can safely play without pants and not be judged–and hearing your thoughts in the future Betas.  Be sure to sign up for those Closed Betas over at

See you next time, LawBreakers. Britt over and out.