Prepare for LawBreakers


It has been an exciting time here at the studio!  Finally being able to witness the joy on the faces of players as they execute a sick double kill or experiment with mechanics and find that they can pull of a certain move they didn’t think was possible has been an amazing experience for the developers.  Hearing the clicks of keyboards and satisfied outbursts coming through the speakers as we watch streamers share their first LawBreakers session with their communities and friends is something we’ve worked really hard towards providing.

We know some of you out there may be a little worried that since you did not get a chance to play the first weekend of the Closed Public Alpha that you may not get in at all.  No need to worry!  We will be adding more players into the Alpha as we go along in the process.  We know you may also be worried that you are behind on knowing the ins and outs of LawBreakers. Well, don’t sweat it my friend! We have got you covered!

Recently we released a steaming buffet of expertise as our own developers show you everything you need to know about the basics of LawBreakers.  Our Lead Designer, Dan Nanni, and Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, break down everything from the HUD to each role you are able choose from. In these videos you can learn what to look for, how to combine your abilities to be more effective during battles and more!  Watch these videos, and you’ll be able to hit the ground gunning when you get your hands on the game.






We hope you enjoyed the Prepare for LawBreakers: Developer Tutorial series!  Feel free to ask any questions to our developers via social or on our forums.  If you enjoyed these, maybe we will look into going more in-depth in the future, or maybe you can send us a few of your own!

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Closed Public Alpha over at  More keys will be hitting inboxes very soon!

Britt over and out…