How We Do QA


DEV4Here we have too many people that want to play the game. Mainly because everyone is really passionate about the game, and they enjoy playing. If you enjoy what you’re working on, enjoy what you’re playing, you really have a stake in how the game is made.  –Aaron Jones, QA Lead



Many would think that QA testing would involve just sitting down and pelting one another in the face. That’s living the dream, am I right?  Don’t get me wrong, this is a part of the job; however, this is just one ingredient in the recipe of Quality Assurance.  The QA team puts each build through a tedious testing process that includes procedures like wall crawling and smoke tests to ensure that the game is playable each and every day.  They know every polygon and pixel inside and out.


Another part of their job is to be the synapse between various departments.  Communication of thorough test results to departments like art, sound design and gameplay programming play a huge role in making sure the game is functioning properly on a daily basis.  Without these dedicated unsung heroes of digital dissection, LawBreakers would not be where it is today.

Other studios have hundreds of testers at their disposal.  While our roster may be small, everyone here at Boss Key is a tester in some way.  An announcement from Aaron’s bullhorn that a play session will start in five minutes echoes through the studio. Papers are flying everywhere and coffee is being deserted to run cold as the crew has been dispatched for battle. The next thing you hear is a stampede rushing down the wooden stairs to make it in time to the QA Lab.  We are all passionate about LawBreakers and we love playing it.  Any time we can get our hands on the game to see how seamless things have come together is always rewarding.  Plus, we’re all pretty competitive so anytime we can throw a victory into the faces of our defeated coworkers  is always satisfying.
Take a look at what QA is all about here at Boss Key.  Learn our unique way of doing things and even some new vocabulary to dazzle your friends.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on our next Dev Diary, don’t hesitate to let us know!