Rise or Fall on PC or PS4


   Whoo! It’s been a crazy few weeks here at the studio.  We recently wrapped Closed Beta 2, which included our newest role Wraith and Blitzball.  Thanks to those who played and a super-duper high five spectacular to those who gave us feedback after getting hands-on.  Developing the game alongside our community is an important pillar that we stand on for LawBreakers, and we hope you feel that as we make adjustments from playtest to playtest.

    Let’s see what else…Oh yeah, we had a small announcement that LAWBREAKERS IS COMING TO PS4!!!  Caps and extra exclamation points because we are that excited.  Yes, we began our journey as a PC-only title, but our fans really stepped up and spoke out that they wanted to be able to play LawBreakers on a console while sitting on their couch and taking advantage of those sweet cupholders. Hey, respect. Keeping hydrated in style is the way to go #blessed.  Anyway, we heard the call (more like a roar) that fans wanted a console version, and our team has been working on porting for quite some time.  Lots of late nights and steam releasing shenanigans have taken place to get to where we are today with the console. So much so that I walked in to see this one morning…












 In case you are just now hearing about our studio (hi!) or recently returned from being shipwrecked where your only friend was a volleyball, below you’ll find the LawBreakers cinematic trailer.



 After the announcement, Cliff, Matt Fischman and Rohan sat down to talk shop and take the community’s questions about the recent $29.99 price tag and PS4 announcements in our latest Boss Room live stream.  Some really good intel here if you want to watch the VOD:



 This has really been an exciting time for us, and there are more exciting things on the gravity-defying horizon. If you will be at E3, come see us at our booth 5200 where we you will be able to experience LawBreakers both on PC and PS4. Some members of our team will be there to bump fists and coach you to victory. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the Beta over at http://lawbreakers.com.  We have a fancy button to choose your platform now. Insert “oohhhs and ahhhs” here.  

 Until next time, I raise my coffee mug in a toast to your awesomeness.   

Britt over and out.