Up To The T.A.S.C.


Open Development at work

If you missed the full reveal in the most recent Boss Room live stream, you can watch the archived video on our YouTube or Twitch page for an in-depth look at the T.A.S.C. design process with Cliff, Rohan and Jay. The development of the T.A.S.C. character is a great example of the constantly changing nature of video game design. At the beginning, T.A.S.C. (Transnational Authority of Supplement Control) was originally named S.C.A.N. (you’ll have to figure out THAT acronym, wink wink) and had a much darker, more menacing look. Jay mentioned that he begins his designs on the eerie, “dark” side and scales it back. As development continued, the fiction dictated that T.A.S.C. should reflect a lighter tone visually (although the motives behind the curtain are still mysterious). It’ll make sense later, and remember: the look and feel of iteration one could shift to a different character. By being open with our development process, we share that one thing at one time may change, but the first design isn’t necessarily lost. Here, you’ll quickly see the iterative process on how we ended up with the most current version of the character in the images below.

Iteration 1: The original first version of T.A.S.C. – under a completely different name at the time


Iteration 2: re-worked versions of the original vision – you can see the evolution from “iteration 1” to the most current version
Current Iteration: T.A.S.C. as it stands today – as you can see, the look and feel of the character is less “menacing” and more what it’s supposed to be at this stage: a lawful, yet intimidating, enforcement agency


Watch the full stream right here to get more details!