Take Your Best Shot


This is the Aerator. It’s the very first weapon created at Boss Key, so it has a special place in our cross-hairs.

In episode 17 of The Boss Room, we revealed the assault rifle, introduced by James Hawkins, the studio’s Sr. Concept Artist. James isn’t a stranger to creating unique weapons, as he and Cliff co-created the Gears of War Lancer years ago. In this special Mini-Boss Doc, James talks about what it was like to create the studio’s first weapon and the steps he took to bring it to life. Watch the video here:

Check out a full timeline of images revolving around the creation of the Aerator below:


Aerator_first_three aerator_explorations_WMAerator_final_sketch_wm Aerator_V2_HP_03B_WM Aerator_V2_HP_05B_WMAerator_V2_HP_04B_WM Aerator_V2_HP_01B_WMAerator_FINAL_WM