Two Years? More Beers!


It is hard to believe that Boss Key recently celebrated its two year anniversary.  Looking back it seems like such a collection of cyclonic moments, both favorite and significant, that embody where we are today, who we are today.  It’s difficult for a lot of us to choose a favorite memory when there have been so many we’ve stored in our BKP memory bank.  However, I have enlisted a couple of the devs to help conquer this occasion.














But before we hear from the studio’s genesis gentleman, let’s take a look at some other fun things from the vault.

I remember hurriedly following Boss Key’s Twitter after it was announced by co-founder and CEO, Cliff Bleszinski. I attentively awaited the announcement of his next project, refreshing my feed and habitually checking the studio’s account the next day to make sure I had not missed any exciting news.  Then along came the first entry, an obscure opening line, from the studio…








This was both exciting and frustrating at the same time.  I felt like the spoiled rich girl on Willy Wonka, “But I want it now!”  I am sure many of you felt the same anxious and cerebral restlessness that I did.  Not to mention this reaction was only heightened when a video of the small, but powerful roster of devs was uploaded.


Since 2014 the team has become even more stacked with talent and experience to bring the world of LawBreakers to life.  Our IT Manager, John Long, recalls his first significant moment as a member of Boss Key:



John Probably the most significant event for me at Boss Key has been the very first “Show & Tell” that I attended. We gathered the whole company in our common area, went over the work done that week and what was upcoming. The whole process up to that point had been so surreal. Going on year two, I still pinch myself every day to make sure it’s not a dream.


Our bricked setting is something really artful and provides the team with a great creative environment, but look deeper and it represents something else as well–us as a studio.  A collaboration of sweat and hard work to build something that stands the test of time…that and it looks really cool (puts on shades).











Chris Mielke, Sr. Producer, shares his experience about walking the halls of Boss Key for the first time.


MielkeHeadshot It was eerily quiet since there were only four of us in the beginning- today there is a hubbub of activity all the time (except really early in the morning). Also I felt like anything was possible – it was a new studio, a new start and a totally new game.The feeling of accomplishment was also palpable – we had received funding, completed all the necessary federal, state and city paperwork for having an actual office with actual employees.


So cheers to two years fellow Bosses, family, friends and community!  There are many more memories to make in the great unknown future that lies ahead.  We can’t wait to share and shape those memories with you!


Britt over and out.