So You Want To Get Into The Game Industry…


During my time here at Boss Key, I’ve noticed that one of the most frequent question we’re asked is, “how do I get a job in the game industry?” Well, on the latest Boss Room (you can watch the embed below), we dove head-first into the subject by asking our veteran video game developers to give their tips on how to get into the industry. Some of this advice was brutal, and really adhere’s to the ‘No BS’ notion. I thought it would be good to get all the advice in one place and share with you all!

Tips from Tramell Isaac – Art Director

  • take whatever you are doing seriously, whether it’s school or work. Do it to the best of your abilities
  • make connections! If you’re at a convention, talk to people. If you’re at school, get to know your classmates. Everyone knows each other in the game industry, and you never know who might need an extra artist
  • remember you are being paid to do what someone tells you to do. You’re a production artist. Don’t be upset when a higher-up tells you to change something. Don’t take it personally, as it’s your job
  • I don’t care about your experience. I only care about what you CAN do
  • Don’t be an a-hole

Tips from Aaron Jones – Q/A Lead

  • if you want to get into QA then learn how to debug code. Also, join some alphas and betas and learn how to spot and report bugs
  • to be a tester with no prior experience you need to be good at communicating and be a nice person

Tips from Chris Mielke – Sr. Producer

  • don’t make up words when applying for jobs. No one knows what a ‘Modelizer’ is
  • jokes usually fall flat, so don’t try to be funny. Save ‘the funny’ for an interview
  • cut to the chase when applying for a job. Tell us what you want to do here, how it’s going to benefit us and how you can come in and start producing
  • tell us what games you’re playing
  • don’t apply for an ‘idea man’ position when you have no development experience. Most studios have a person already and they’ve done considerable work (Cliff, Todd Howard, Mr. Miyamoto, etc)
  • Don’t send a game studio your game idea
  • if you’re looking for a way to get a Producer job, start out in QA. Most producers work their way up from QA

Tips from Cliff and Arjan – CEO & COO

  • communication skills are important! Learn to work with other people because game development is not a lone wolf job
  • when you’re creating a resume, get to the point. Brevity is important for those reviewing who don’t have a lot of time to read a massive cover letter
  • sometimes it’s as easy as working hard to make something awesome and use social media to show it off
  • modding is a great way into the industry
  • if you’re at a convention and are looking to make connections – be memorable, polite and make contact cards

Check out the full episode above for all the tips, along with everything else in the show!