We are Boss Key (and so are you)


Got a few minutes? Awesome — let’s talk!

Thanks for swinging by the new Bosskey.com. I know, you’re asking, “where’s all the new footage and details for Project BlueStreak?” Well, as time moves on, there will be plenty of opportunities to reveal details about the game, so stay tuned. For now, I’d like to briefly clue you in on what the studio is up to, what we’re doing on this brand-new site, how it pertains to the people that work here and most importantly — you.

First and foremost, Boss Key is a small company. We don’t have a huge team, but what we lack in size, we make up for in passion and expertise. We actually prefer that. So, one thing we’re excited to do on the brand new site is to put a spotlight our incredible team members.So often, these brilliant (and sometimes quirky) minds are hidden away from social media and live streams, left to work without any forward-facing opportunities to talk to you all. Well, we’re going to change all that by giving everyone at Boss Key the chance to participate in our Boss Room Twitch streams, take questions from you all, and much more. In addition, I’ll be conducting interviews with the staff here, providing some one-of-a-kind insight that’ll hopefully offer a view not often seen from a game studio. So, if there’s a Boss Key developer who speaks your language more than the others, follow him or her on their respective social outlets and watch them on a future episode of the Boss Room!

Second, we love our company. Goes without saying, but heck — we do. Boss Key’s size is crucial to our team dynamic, which in turn is crucial to developing strong, cohesive (and most importantly, FUN) games. It’s nice to be able to get up and walk to a coworker’s desk to ask a question and not to have to spend an entire afternoon in email hell.  Take a quick look at your “Studio” section of the site to get a glimpse, then stop by the “Careers” section to see if there are any open positions that interest you.

Third, we want to give YOU info about our games and the people that work here as much as we possibly can. We believe that this transparency will help all of you get to know us not as a company, but as a group of passionate people who have come together to create a fun game. So please, join us every other Friday on Twitch for our Boss Room live stream, or head over to our YouTube channel for a bunch of fun videos providing a behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on at the studio OR simply tell us what you think on our subreddit or Twitter. Your input is important to us. You can see links to all those destinations on the left navigation. Check ’em out.

To wrap up — thanks for stopping by. We know you’re busy. Heck, we’re busy! So explore the site, click around. Read some articles. Point and laugh at my silly mug. Whatever! Just have a good time. Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride.