The E3 We See


Hey look, it’s E3!

We’re excited to watch all the gaming festivities, from the comfort of our office here in Raleigh of course. During the last episode of The Boss Room over on Twitch, we got the studio’s most anticipated games, plus more. You can watch the video below for our initial thoughts:

As I said in the latest Boss Key newsletter, no we’re not going to be there showing off Project BlueStreak. Cliff and I will be bouncing around the show however, networking, doing video interviews (like @kindafunnyvids with Greg Miller) along with special appearances at the PC Gaming Show on Tuesday at 6pm PT. Also be on the lookout for behind-the-scenes pictures and videos coming out of our trip to sunny (and dehydrated) Los Angeles during the week. Who knows what’ll happen!

In anticipation of the event, but also to share a unique side of E3 from our talented staff,  we’re hosting a special studio-wide chat centered around The E3 You Don’t See, tomorrow at 1pm ET on our subreddit.  With all the collective experience, and numerous trips to E3, the people at Boss Key sure do have some interesting things to say about E3 that you may not hear anywhere else. We’ll be around for an hour, longer if there’s a lot to talk about.

Oh yeah, PLUS we’re going to have our E3 recap Boss Room episode on June 19th at 5pm ET, so be sure to tune-in for that.

We hope everyone enjoys E3 as much as we will. We’re sure to have the press conferences on during work hours and we’re excited to see what’s in store for gaming. We’re even more excited to show you all what we’re working on. More of that soon.