Video On Demand


We’re making videos and live streaming to Twitch regularly here at Boss Key. Why? Well – why not. We’re having fun at the studio each and every day…so why not capture some of that and share it with all of you? From our new “Boss Key Plays” videos where we play the latest games when they come out and provide our insight, to our behind-the-scenes play tests and even our Boss Room Twitch stream archive — there are plenty of videos to help you get to know our company along with hints about our game.

Everything we’ve done is up on our YouTube channel.

Like you, our team loves playing new games on launch day…so we decided to it — live! Recently, we snagged The Order 1886 and played the first hour in the office. We’ll be doing more of this in the future with new titles that come out, because we’re as interested in them as you are.

We’ve got our audio-only podcast called Radio Free Boss Key, where various people from the studio come on to discuss the game industry.  The episode below is probably some of the most hardcore fighting game discussion we’ve ever heard.

As we mentioned, our Boss Room live show airs every other Friday at 5pm ET on Twitch. The latest episode was on Cliff’s birthday, and things got a little crazy. Plus we debuted some top down map designs for our game.

In addition, we’ve made videos that…well, are just there because we wanted to make them, like How To Be A Boss With Tramell. Known for his signature style and swagger, Tramell’s a character (and he’s also our Art Director). We’re having fun behind-the-scenes, and you should too.

At the end of the day, we just want to capture some of the magic that takes place here at Boss Key. As always, we appreciate you coming along for the ride!