Breaking Down Breacher!


Meet Breacher – one of the first roles ever revealed for LawBreakers! He’s the LAW’s primary ‘Gunner’ and possesses a variety of familiar FPS play mechanics. Plus, a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. What’s not to love here?

Well, you have to have gif of Breacher doing what he does best!

Recently on our live stream The Boss Room, we sat down and looked at the creation process behind this particular role, highlighting the unique development process in creating a character that makes sense for both the world of LawBreakers and a competitive first-person shooter. You can check out the full episode below, where we talk to Chris Wells, Sr. Character Artist here at Boss Key and Joshua Parker, Sr. Gameplay Programmer, about everything Breacher, including us analyzing new Breacher gameplay!

What people don’t realize is the iterative process that goes into creating a character. Breacher’s origins were much more generic at first, as the art team waded through a series of initial compositions. Needless to say, he’s been around the block – but better for it!

In this first pass, Breacher looks like he could below in any first-person shooter…which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

After the first pass, you can see that certain aspects of his character started to dial-in – most noticeably, his armor. More than Breacher’s face, the TASC armor was important to get right at an early stage, as it set the standard for what TASC’s color identity and silhouette would look like.

Breacher’s second pass

Now to the nitty-gritty people don’t usually get to see – the Art Director’s notes on what needs to change. At this stage, fine details need to be addressed and molded – even down to the codpiece! NOTE: those looking to get into game art be ready for some red ink.

Yep. If you’re an artist, be prepared for notes.
Also: don’t forget the back!

Once the armor was in a place it needed to be, the art team started to think about Breacher as a person and a character within the world of LawBreakers. What kind of person is he? Here design and art collaborated to identify who’s the man behind the armor.  Confident, cool and composed – Breacher is on the front-lines alongside the best of TASC to take down the BREAKERS!

‘Work-in-progress’ in-game models exploring Breacher’s make-up
Land closer to our final Breacher!

Finally, we’ve arrived at our final Breacher! Chris Wells, our Sr. Character Artist really summarizes Breacher’s personality with the image below. He doesn’t even need to look at his reload. He’s just that cool.

Breacher final

Each character in LawBreakers goes through the same process and at the end of the day, is crafted with care. Breacher’s story is one of many! You can check out more art over at our Artstation page and be sure to follow us on Twitter @bosskey and @lawbreakers.