Falling With Grace


Falling is confirmed for Project BlueStreak! More specifically, a ‘Glide Kit’ is confirmed for the game. As discussed in Episode 12 of the Boss Room, this near-final concept is almost ready to be tested in-game. The kicker? It’s solely for one specific character, not for all characters.

Gleick Glide Pack1
We think this is much cooler than a parasol.

So what does that mean for the game? At this point in development, different characters have different kits. We’re working on prototypes of different configurations, weapon outfits and much more, all while keeping fast-paced arena-style shooting in mind. So far, we’re loving it. Also, it makes total sense for this character to have something like this. Once you see her, you’ll know why.

The ‘Glide Kit’ specifically introduces a unique, and vertical approach to the genre (among other unannounced features). When our designers work with kits like this in mind, it opens up new avenues of level exploration, movement variants and more. This is just one of many examples of how we’re playing with movement in Project BlueStreak.

To watch the latest episode of The Boss Room, and listen to Cliff, Tramell and Rohan discuss the ‘Glide Pack’ and much more, check it out below.