Fiction Drives Design


Revealed a while ago during our Boss Room live stream, we showcased one of our environmental concepts, the Boneyard. Since, we’ve spoken about how Project BlueStreak isn’t a post-apocalyptic game, it’s a “post-POST apocalyptic” game, meaning: crap hit the fan and now, people are recovering…successfully. The implications of this scenario regarding our fiction makes for some pretty darn cool weapons, environments and characters.

How does that impact creation of the game and why does that matter to us? Well – let’s use the Boneyard for example.

Early on, we wanted to move away from the dark and dreary and embrace lighter color schemes for our designs relating to our fiction. Check out the original WIP (work-in-progress) for the Boneyard:

Exclusive image alert! As you can see, the original WIP illustrated a darker tone in regards to color.

This image, when compared to the latest Boneyard concept, really shows the stark difference color can make to an environment. Here’s the latest iteration:

In this image, the blue skies and lighter color pallet help reinforce our “post-post apocalypse” fiction and when in contrast to our game play – makes for an interesting combination.

We feel that in our “post-post” setting, lighter tones and brighter colors make a powerful juxtaposition next to our visceral combat. We dig it…and we think you will too. This is just one of many examples about how our game is constantly evolving, but rooted in powerful core fiction we can’t wait to share with you.

If you want to get even more information about the creation of the Boneyard concept with Jay Hawk, Cliff and Rohan, check out our archived episode of The Boss Room below!