Function Is Key


We like making bad-ass weapons here at Boss Key, and we hope it shows! During Episode 9 of The Boss Room, our Jr. Concept Artist Ethan Evans debuted a brand-new weapon to the world, the ANVIL brand Shoulder-mounted Rocket Launcher.

When tasked with creating this weapon, Ethan knew he wanted it to actually “work,” and that makes sense considering his previous background as an Industrial Designer. The result is an immaculately designed weapon for Project BlueStreak’s T.A.S.C. Enforcer, and by just looking at images of it, you can see that designing it with function in mind makes all the difference.

For Ethan, seeing how the launcher is positioned on the character’s body is important, not only to meet scale, but also see how the folding parts would sit on the Enforcer’s back. It’s incredible to see how exactly the launcher collapses down.

In this image, you can see how the launcher tucks nicely into the shoulder pack. There are no hidden components or fake compartments.


The early versions of the launcher had it tucked behind the Enforcer’s shoulders, completely out of the first-person perspective. Of course, as we’re developing a FPS, we want the player to see what they’re firing at all times. The solution? Well, it’s an elegant, real-world one — extending the launcher’s barrels while it’s being deployed.

Discussions occurred early whether or not we wanted to see the launcher in the first-person perspective. Of course we do. To do so however, the barrels must extend out over the shoulder.


Pushing the design further, we always want to know exactly what it would look like in the first-person perspective. If this is going to take up screen space for the player, we want to make sure it feels just right, so in addition to concepts like the ones above, Ethan also provided a first-person concept of what the launcher would look like in-game. Very cool.

Yeah, we were curious what the launcher would look like in first-person, so naturally, Ethan provided it for us. Also, you’ll see additional form and function examples on the right side of the image.


Ethan’s unique background in industrial design is a perfect fit for Boss Key art team, as we’re looking to push the envelop in weapon design and creation. Added bonus: everything we’re making can translate to some kick ass cosplay, since we’re designing from a functional standpoint.

If you want to see the full episode of The Boss Room room where Ethan debuts the weapon and gives his thoughts on creating it, check out the archive video of the episode here, or look at the embed below.  Also, you can follow Ethan on Twitter @ethanevans5.