This Is Mammoth


Welcome to Mammoth Outpost. It’s probably cold up there.

As debuted in the most recent Boss Room episode, here are the high-quality concept images depicting previous and current iteration of the fortified T.A.S.C. compound. This process began as a “proof of concept” with a 3D conceptual design. Initially,  the creative team describes the location to the artist, and using a 3D art program can quickly visualize what it may look like. That’s where a quick and dirty 3D package design comes into play…

The original design for “Mammoth Outpost” began as a 3D art build. This way, if the overall concept isn’t received, the artist wouldn’t spend a tremendous amount of time on the design.

Next, after the initial design is approved in 3D design package, the artist can start to flesh out what the surrounding environment looks like move into the traditional “concept art” space.

A lower shot of Mammoth Outpost displays a juxtaposition of old versus new, with an ordinary house in the foreground, and a thigh-tech outpost perched above in the background.

On the surface, the two images below have the same perspective, but it you look between these two images closely, you’ll see a slew of differences. As the direction of the environment is locked-in, the artist can drive more detail into the image. Additional towers, small touches like trees and a more detailed background round out further details that help bring Mammoth Outpost to life.

Nearly there! As the images shows, it’s lacking in the subtle details. Now that the perspective is approved, time for the artist to add in all those nitty-gritty bits to help flesh out the scene.
Nice! Compare the image above to this one. I’ll see that the perspective is the same, but the tiny details are punched up. This is the most current iteration of Mammoth Outpost.

Much like Rushmore Station, Mammoth Outpost is an exercise in what we can do with our fiction, and how it could possibly translate into a fun-to-play multiplayer map.

For more details on what it takes to translate a piece of art into an actual level, check out the latest episode of Boss Room for a chat with Scott Jordan, our Lead Level Designer, as he and Cliff discuss the process.