Privacy Policy

Boss Key Productions Privacy Notice

Last updated on December 15, 2014

Boss Key Productions (“Boss Key”) respects your concerns about privacy. We want our users to understand the types of information we collect, how we use that information, how we secure it, and whether we share it. Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy practices. When you use our websites, games and applications, you agree to our collection, use, disclosure, and transfer of information as described in this Notice, so please review it carefully and ask us questions if you have any.

Our Collection and Use of Information

We generally collect or receive information in three ways: (1) you voluntarily provide information to us, such as by signing up for email alerts or creating an account, (2) we collect information automatically, such as through the use of cookies, and (3) other parties, such as social networks, may provide information to us. Each of these methods is described in more detail below.

(1) Information You Voluntarily Choose to Provide

You may choose to provide your personal information to us when you use our websites, games, or applications, although some of our website, games, and applications require you to provide personal information in order to use some or all of its features. Because we change our offerings and features from time to time, the options you have to provide us with information also may change. The following are some examples of situations in which you may provide information to us when you:

Register with our websites;

Download one of our products;

Create an account;

Use a social feature of our games or applications (described further in the section of this Notice titled “When You Use Social Features of Our Games and Applications”);

Purchase something from us or otherwise engage in a transaction with us;

Enter online competitions or register for or participate in special events;

Enter contests or sweepstakes, participate in any of our promotions, or accept any prizes from us;

Sign up for email alerts or subscribe to receive other information from us;

Complete a survey;

Use a mobile device, such as a phone, to play our games or use our applications;

Contact us for any reason, such as by email, including for technical support or customer service;

Use our websites, online services, software, or applications.

The personal information we collect from you will vary depending on the services you are using, the sites you are visiting, and how you access those services and websites. The information you provide to us may include your name, your user ID, and your email address(es). If you choose to make a purchase, we will collect payment card information such as your card’s payment account number and expiration date. Sometimes we ask for your phone number (which may include mobile phone number), your postal address (often postal or zip code only), your date of birth, and your gender. For example, we may ask for your phone number so we can contact you if you win a prize in one of our contests or promotions and your date of birth so we can verify that you are old enough to participate in our contests and promotions.

In all of these situations, we will ask you to provide the information to us, but you may choose not to do so. We try to ask for only the information we genuinely need to provide you with the services, features, or communications you are requesting. In some cases, if you decide not to provide the information we have requested we may not be able to fulfill your request.

Some additional examples of why we ask for your information include:

To communicate with you, respond to your requests, or provide you with updates and information;

To better understand our users, their interests, and their preferences;

To develop, deliver, and improve our products, services, and other offerings;

To enforce our licenses, agreements, and terms of use;

For internal purposes such as auditing and data analysis.

You may also choose to apply for a job through some of our websites. In cases where this feature is available, the information you submit, such as your resume, is provided to and controlled by our service provider. Please review their privacy notice for more information about their privacy practices. Our service providers are only authorized to use or disclose this information as necessary to provide services to us or to comply with law. Job applicant information that our service provider makes available to us will be treated in a manner consistent with this Notice.

(2) Information Collected Automatically When You Use Our Sites, Games, and Applications

We collect some information automatically when you visit our sites or use our games and applications. Usually, this information does not identify you specifically as an individual. If a combination of information that we collect does identify you as an individual, we will treat the combined information as personal information. We typically aggregate the data that we collect automatically and use it in statistical form to determine trends among groups of users, rather than using it to identify individuals.

The type of information that we automatically collect may vary, but generally includes:

Technical information about your computer, device, hardware, or software you use to access the Internet or our services, such as Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, a device identifier, MAC address, or other transactional or identifier information for your device (such as device make and model, information about device operating systems and browsers, or other device or system related specifications);

Usage information and statistics about your interaction with our websites, games, and applications, which may include the URLs of our websites that users have visited, URLs of referring and exiting pages, page views, time spent on a page, number of clicks, platform type, the application you used or the game you played, how long you used or played it and when, the application or game features that you used, and other usage statistics;

Your gamer tag or other user identification provided in connection with your application use or game play;

The location of your device in cases where you use a mobile device to access our sites or use our games and applications. Your general location also may be discernible from your device’s IP address or the URLs we receive.

Please note that if certain features on our site are provided by third parties, those third parties may also use automated means of data collection and may record information about your use of our site or others’ sites over time. These features are subject to those third parties’ privacy notices and policies.

We use information we automatically collect to understand our users as a group, sometimes based on group traits, such as demographics, in order to determine their preferences. As a result, we can develop and deliver new or modified offerings, improved with our users’ preferences in mind. As described below, we may also use such information to provide a more personalized user experience and to facilitate advertising. Some web browsers have incorporated “do not track” features. Most of these features, when turned on, send a signal or preference to the websites you visit indicating that you do not wish to be tracked. Our sites and online services do not currently respond to browser do not track signals.

The following are some of the types of automated data collection that may occur when you use our sites, games, or applications:

Web Browsers

When you visit one of our websites, your browser automatically sends us your IP address so that the web pages you request can be sent to your computer or device. We use your IP address to determine additional information, such as whether the computer or device has ever been used to visit our site before, which site features were used, and how much time was spent on a page.


We may automatically collect information through “cookies,” which are text files placed on your device’s hard drive when you visit websites. Cookies may enhance your online experience by saving your preferences while you are visiting a particular site. We use cookies, for example, for authentication purposes and to measure session activity on the site and determine which areas and features of the site are the most popular. Most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to be notified when you receive a new cookie, and how to disable existing cookies. Without cookies, however, you may not be able to take full advantage of our site features.

We may also use “flash cookies,” also called “local shared objects.” Like other cookies, flash cookies are files stored on your computer, but flash cookies can store information that is more complex than simple text. These cookies can be helpful by storing your preferences regarding feature settings, personalizing your experience, and tracking your progress in a game or application. In some cases, local shared objects also are used to prevent fraud. Unlike “regular” cookies, browsers generally cannot be used to manage flash cookie placement. To learn more about managing flash cookies, you may wish to review Adobe’s website and change the privacy settings they make available to users who wish to manage flash cookies. Like regular cookies, flash cookies improve your experience with our websites, games, and applications, so disabling them may limit or eliminate features we make available to you.

Web Beacons and Log Files

We may use “web beacons” (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags, tracking pixels, and clear GIFs) on pages of our website. These web beacons allow other organizations to collect information such as the IP address of the device, the URL of the web page, the time the page was viewed, the type of browser used, and any additional information in cookies that may have been set by the other party. This information is typically collected in log files, which generally track traffic on and to our websites. This information may be used for purposes including managing our online advertising, such as determining which advertisements brought users to our websites. The information is also used for analytical purposes and to manage technical issues. We do not attempt to identify individual users based on this information.

(3) Information We Receive from Others

In some cases, other parties provide us with information about you, or allow us to collect information about you. We generally collect or receive information from other parties in three ways: (1) you use our games or applications at a site that is not controlled by us, such as a social network, (2) you choose to use a social feature of our games or applications, and (3) you purchase one of our games or applications from another party. In some cases, we are not able to control the amount or type of information that other parties like social networks, make available to us. In those cases, we use only the data that we need to provide the types of services we think our users want and expect. Although we cannot control your privacy settings at those sites or how those other parties protect your privacy, once we receive information about you through those sites, we will treat it as described in this Notice.

When You Use Our Games and Applications at Third Party Sites

When you use any Boss Key game, application, or feature at a site not controlled by Boss Key, such as a social network like Facebook, that site may allow Boss Key access to certain information about you. For example, social networks may provide us with information from your profile on their site. Boss Key may access or receive contact information (such as your name and email address), demographic information (such as your gender and your date of birth), and other information you provided to that site such as your photo, user name, occupation, interests, hobbies, game preferences, biographical information, and potentially any and all information that you agreed the social network or other party could provide to us when you use our games and applications.

When You Use Social Features of Our Games and Applications

When you choose to use a social feature of our games and applications, you allow Boss Key to receive information about you from social networks. Our social features promote and facilitate interaction among players, such as by allowing you and your friends to work together to meet a shared challenge presented by our game or application. You may be able to use these features to find out if your friends are actively playing the game and using the feature, to find out if they used it in the past, and to invite them to join with you to meet a game challenge.

If you choose (opt in) to use one of our social features, you may be asked to log into a social network, such as Facebook, through our game or application. The social network may then provide Boss Key with information such as the following:

Your social network user ID;

Your profile picture or its URL (if available);

The user IDs and profile pictures of the people you are connected to on the social network, such as your Facebook friends.

We link this data to a user ID that Boss Key assigns to you. When a social network sends us the user IDs and profile pictures of your friends, we check to see which of your friends also have chosen to use the same Boss Key social feature you selected. If your friends have opted in to use the same social feature you selected, then we link that information to you so that you can enjoy Boss Key’s social features with those friends. We will update the list of friends linked to your user ID each time you log back into our social feature.

While using a Boss Key social feature, you may be able to see your friends’ profile pictures and their most recent use of the feature. Similarly, when your friends are using the feature, they may be able to see your profile picture and your most recent use of the feature. You may be able to invite your friends to join you in a social feature, such as by posting a message to your Facebook wall. You are never required to use Boss Key’s social features in order to play our games or use our applications. Further, if you have previously engaged in a Boss Key social feature, that feature will permit you to decline to participate in the future, deleting the personal data Boss Key stores regarding your participation with that feature.

When You Buy Our Games and Applications from Other Parties

We may also receive information about you from the organizations that sell our applications or games or which provided the gaming system you use. Those parties may provide us with information regarding your account or registration, but they do not give us your payment information. Because those organizations determine what information they will collect from you, it may vary according to their services, but it is likely to include information such as your name, email address, user ID and gamer tag, location, and date of birth.

We may use the information that we receive from others to understand our users and to help us develop, deliver, and improve our offerings. We may also use it to provide a more personalized user experience and to manage advertising. In some cases, we may use this information to contact you, provide you with technical support or customer service, and to enforce our licenses, agreements, and terms of use.

Information We Share

We may share, or provide you with opportunities to share, information about you with other users of our websites, games and applications. We also provide services that allow our users to communicate with Boss Key and each other, in which case personal information may be shared and account IDs may be displayed.

We may share personal information we collect within our family of companies and with our trusted business partners. We also will share information with service providers that perform services on our behalf. These partners and service providers are not authorized by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements. We also may share certain limited information, such as device identifiers, with advertisers and other marketing partners for purposes of gauging the effectiveness of advertising and other marketing strategies.

We may share information about you with your social network contacts when you and they use the same social features of our games and applications.

We may also disclose information about you: (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement authorities or other government officials, (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity, or (iv) if necessary to protect the vital interests of another individual (such as to prevent death, bodily harm, or serious damage to property) . We reserve the right to transfer information about our users in the event we sell or transfer all or substantially all our business or assets.

When you use our websites, games or applications, you agree that we may share information about you as described in this Notice.

Your Choices

In certain cases, you may have choices about how we use and disclose your information. For example, we have to ask you before we can use your personal information for any purpose incompatible with the purposes identified in this Notice. If we provide you with any marketing messages, we will give you an opportunity to opt out of receiving further messages.

You can choose not to give us the information we request, as described in the “Information You Voluntarily Choose to Provide” section of this Notice. In some cases, if you decide not to provide the information we request, we will not be able to provide you with access to the site, game, or application you requested, or we may not be able to provide you with the service, feature, or information you requested. In some cases, you can stop or limit the information we automatically collect or that we receive from other parties, such as social networks. Please review the sections of this Notice titled “Information Collected Automatically When You Use Our Sites, Games, and Applications” and “Information We Receive from Others” to learn more about how you may be able to stop or limit our receipt of information that we automatically collect or that we receive from other parties. You also may exercise and amend your choices by sending an email to us as detailed in the “How to Contact Us” section below.

In some cases, the information we receive is determined by the privacy settings or other preferences you have expressed or established at another party’s site, such as a social network. For example, if you use one of our applications or games at a social network or choose to use one of our social features, that social network will send us information that may vary depending on your privacy setting at that site. As another example, if you remove contacts from your social network profile, they also will be removed from your contacts profile in the social features of our games and applications (refer to the section of this Notice titled “When You Use Social Features of Our Games and Applications” for more information). To manage the information Boss Key receives about you from social networks, you should review the privacy notices and adjust the privacy settings provided by the social network. Although we cannot control your privacy settings at those sites or how those other parties protect your privacy, once we receive personal information about you through those sites, we will treat it as described in this Notice.

Access and Correction

We will provide you with the ability to request access to and correction or deletion of certain information we have about you, such as your contact information. Your right to access, amend, or delete personal information may be limited in some circumstances. Please submit your request by sending an email to the address specified in the “How to Contact Us” section below. Please include your name, email address, and postal address in your request, and describe specifically the information that you would like to access, correct, or delete so that we may respond appropriately and promptly. To access or update the information you provide to others, including Boss Key, through other parties like social networking sites, you will need to follow the instructions provided by that other party to update your information or change your privacy settings.

How We Protect Personal Information

We maintain appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your personal information from accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, or use and other unlawful forms of processing. In some cases your information is accessible when you log into a feature we offer, and in those cases you need to keep your log in information, such as your password, confidential and secure so that your information is protected.

Links to Other Sites, Games, or Applications

We may provide links to other sites, games, or applications for your convenience and information. These sites may be operated by organizations not affiliated with Boss Key, so we cannot control and are not responsible for their content, operation, or privacy practices. Those organizations may have their own privacy policies, which we strongly suggest you review if you use other sites, games, and applications. This Notice does not apply to sites, games, or applications not owned or controlled by Boss Key, even if we link to them or they link to us.

Children’s Privacy

Boss Key does not direct its websites, games, or applications to children (usually considered to be under the age of 13, depending on the jurisdiction where you reside). We also do not intentionally collect personal information from children through our websites, games, or applications. If you are the parent or guardian of a child and you believe that we have inadvertently received personal information about that child, please contact us as described in the How to Contact Us section of this Notice and we will delete the information from our records.

If you are under the age of 18 and have an account for our websites, mobile apps, games, or other online services, you may request that we remove certain content that you provided, such as deleting or editing comments you have posted. You also may ask us to assist you in removing or anonymizing content you have posted by contacting us as described in the How to Contact us section of this Notice. Please be aware that taking these steps may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information posted on the our sites, online services, applications or games. We also may not be able to remove content you post if applicable law requires us to maintain the posting or if another party has re-posted the content to a site, app, game or other online service that we do not own or control.

Transfers of Information

As part of our international operations, we may transfer information about you to any jurisdiction where we do business. Even if those jurisdictions do not have the same privacy laws as the jurisdiction where you reside, we will treat your information as subject to the protections described in this Notice. When you use our websites, games, or applications, you agree that we may transfer information about you as described in this Notice.

Updates to Our Privacy Notice

This Notice may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices or relevant laws. We will indicate at the top of this Notice when this Notice was last updated. Please review this Notice every time you access or use our websites, games, or applications to make sure that you have reviewed the most recent version.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Notice or if you would like us to update, amend, or request deletion of the information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us at