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At Boss Key Productions, what we do defines who we are.


With a 4.5/5 from GamesRadar, a 9 out of 10 from Destructoid and many other great reviews, LawBreakers is the studio's well-received first title.
This 5v5 multiplayer FPS set in a post-Shattered world, pushes the boundaries of omnidirectional combat and adrenaline-pumping competition. Gravity not included. Buy it now on STEAM or PS4!

Boss Key in Raleigh

Located in downtown Raleigh North Carolina, our office is an equal mix of professionalism and fun(ism) in a historic space. While we enjoy the electrifying tendrils of technology, we also enjoy the soft whispers of yesteryear etched into the walls around us.

We're listening

Our community is paramount. We don’t just put our ear to the ground we lay the foundation.

Whether we’re taking your questions live on Twitch, asking for feedback about a new feature on Twitter or Facebook, or doing long-form discussions on Reddit, we want to know what you think!

These keys fit

The men and women of Boss Key are among the best in the industry, with credits on some of gaming’s most notable titles. Odds are you’ve played a game that someone here has helped create. Veterans and newbies alike, we believe that talent, not tenure, makes the best games.

Work & play
like a boss.